How to Feel More Energetic (without coffee)


I can’t believe that in exactly 4 weeks i’ll be finished with this semester. Are you close to finishing too? It’s crazy how fast time flies!

It’s also that time of the semester where the temptation to slack off is SO there. I mean between exams, final class projects and then final exams just around the corner it feels like if I decided to take a day off I would fall behind so quickly!

Coffee is a yummy quick-fix, but there’s only so many espresso shots you can take until it starts doing more harm than good. The crash that comes with coffee can be even more rough than being tired in the first place. So whats a collegiate to do??

My inspiration for this post really came from my own experience with coffee. As a college student it might come as a shock to some that I hardly drink coffee. I love the smell of it, I really do.  For some people when coffee gives you an energy boost, I get overwhelming anxiety from it. If I have coffee now it’s only because i’m stealing a few sips from someone else (sorry not sorry!), but since I am more sensitive to caffeine, it’s pushed me to be creative and find other ways to have more energy, especially for those rough days of the week.

I hope you’ll be able to use any of these tips to be your most productive self this week!



I don’t know how music does this, but it is always an instant mood fix. I’m pretty sure they talked about effects of music in a psych class before, but all I do know is that it works like magic! The 50’s rock and roll Pandora station is my go-to energy booster and somehow music has a way of just keeping us productive. So put on the Pandora or Spotify! it’s a win-win.


If you still got the music turned on, take a study break and dance around to it. Getting our heart rate up is a natural way of boosting and maintaining our energy levels. Working out is also another great way to boost confidence and when i’m happy I get things done. Morning workouts are the best because the effects can last all day.


There’s days where my diet isn’t all perfectly rounded out and taking vitamins helps me get those vitamins that I might not get as much of. Tip: Take one half of your vitamin “dose” in the morning and one in the afternoon to help your body absorb as much as it can. For example if your vitamin recommends you take two, take one in the morning and then another with the next meal.


Dehydration is quite subtle. If you’ve got a headache or feel a general tiredness, possibly even sleepy all day there’s a big chance you could be lacking water. Sometimes thirst can even present itself as hunger. Opt for infused water if boring water is just not cutting it. Green tea is also a great option, it has antioxidants, tastes great, and it has caffeine in it, but not so much it’ll give you a crash.


Eating foods that are empty of nutrition, like potato chips, only serve one purpose: to give your body the feeling that it’s full. There’s lots of snack options that taste amazing and are capable of sustaining your energy level since they are packed with things your body is asking for. Since i’m out and about everyday, I always have snacks in my bag !


Staying in tune with the time of the day when I am most energetic helps so much. I am a night owl, I love to stay awake late. I don’t do this every night, but I like to embrace it when I get that boost of productivity because i tend to get a lot done. If you know what time of day you are most productive plan to spend time studying during those hours to be the most productive.


And then here’s my favorite! Work with someone. Productive energy is contagious and even working alongside a friend makes me get things done sooner than if I just sat alone at home. Plus you can stay motivated by meeting up at your favorite lunch spot.


When we push ourselves past a certain point we are no longer efficient, but instead counterproductive. If you genuinely need a nap, then take it! If we want our bodies to continue to provide us with energy we have to take care of it. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep.


Happy vibes this week🌼

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